XL Cinema is an application on which you can choose the language from available options in which you prefer to listen the movie playing in theater privately on your headphone/earphone connected to your mobile device sitting inside the movie hall.
How to use XL Cinema ?
* Download the application on your smartphone. Launch and choose the movie for which you want the audio ticket.
* Select the theatre language, which is the language in which the movie is being played in the theatre.
* Select your preferred language from the available dropdown list, the language of audio track in which you want to listen to the sound track of the movie.
* Proceed further and you get your Audio ticket.

Once inside the movie hall, you click play and then "TAP to Play". In a few moments after synchronizing, the XL Cinema application will start playing the requested track in your selected language over your smartphone and you can listen using your headphone/earphone.
Does it works in the movie hall ?
Yes. This application is primary designed to work in the movie hall. You can go to theater and through XL Cinema you can start listening to the movie which is playing live in the theater in your selected track (language) through XL Cinema application.
Is it in real time ?
Yes. It's without any delay. The dialogue in your language will come out from headphone at the same time the dialogues coming out from the theater screen. There will be no noticeable delay and in case there is any lag or you fell your audio is coming before or after then you could try "Refresh" and if still it doesn't correct then "Re-sync" again.
Is it necessary to run the application from the start of the movie in the theater ?
No. not required. You may start in the beginning or even in middle or say at any point of the movie. Say you are delayed for the movie then also no issue as soon as you reach inside the movie theater start this application and you will be able to start the audio in your selected language. You can enter the movie hall at any point of time and you can start listening the movie in your selected language without any delay.
What is Theater Language and Your language ?
Theater Language is the language in which the movie is playing in theater and your language is the language in which you wish to listen through XL Cinema application.
When should I try to synchronize or "TAP to Play" the movie in my language ?
Remember to TAP only once the movie has started and don't tap in trailers and advertisements.
What will happen if you tapped in advertisement or in trailers ?
You may start receiving out of sync audio. So then you just have to press “Re-sync” and you are back in action.
Can I use XL Cinema application for every movie ?
No, You can use XL Cinema on only partner movies whose Audio Ticket you can get from the application and you can listen it in only the languages which are made available for that movie through XL Cinema which you can see in the GET section.
Will this Audio Ticket be always Free ?
Not necessarily. There could be charges and that would be mentioned when you go to buy section. The charges may differ from language to language or even region wise.
Will XL Cinema work in noisy environment ?
Yes our proprietary algorithm is designed to work in noisy atmosphere as theater. Basically if you can listen to whatever is being played on the screen then XL Cinema should work there.
Can I hear the audio on smartphone speaker ?
No. XL Cinema will only let you here the audio when you have plugged in your headphone/earphone. This is designed to stop the user to disturb other viewers in the movie hall.
Can I use Audio Ticket of one movie on another ?
No it will not work. The Audio Ticket is specific to the movie and that will only decide your audio track language playing on your smartphone. It can’t be changed and neither can it be reused.
Can I share my Audio ticket to another user ?
No. You can't share.
Is there any recommended earphone/headphone ?
It's advisable to use soft tip earphone as it has inherit white noise cancellation.
What if there is no network inside the movie hall ?
You can pre download offline files over wife or mobile internet at home, office or where ever you get internet connection and then you can play your selected track without caring for internet connection. The download file is generally downloaded with the purchase of Audio Ticket.
How to save data uses of the application ?
You shouldn't remove the Auto download check while getting the audio ticket on Wi-Fi before going to theater. This will save more than 97% data as compared to playing live. The total data uses if you have pre downloaded online /offline file will be less than 5mb.
What to do in Intervals ?
If the interval of the movie is predefined like in most of Bollywood movies then the XL Cinema will automatically stop the audio and pop up should come. After the break/intermission/interval is over and the movie resume you can press “Tap to Play” button or Re-sync and you are back in action.
What if I am late after interval? Will that be an issue ?
No not at all just "Tap to play" or Re-Sync and you are back in action.
What is Audio ticket ?
Audio Ticket is just like movie ticket but in this case it gives you access to audio not the video. You can choose to play or download by one click of button on audio ticket.
What is Get Audio Ticket ?
"Get Audio Ticket" is the section in which you can see coming soon movies and now playing movies and the language in which it's available and you can get it. The Audio Ticket issued is stored in "My Audio ticket" section.
What is Download ?
Download section in the application allows the user to download files in advance. This basically pre download certain file which user requires to play in theater and hence user remain aloof of any internet fluctuation or network failure. Its recommended that user should never deselect the check mark while getting audio ticket.
My phone ran out of battery, does the theater have an extra phone I can use ?
No.But we recommend you arrive to the theater with your phone charged at least 30-35% full if you plan to use XL Cinema for one movie.
For any specific query please contact us through email. Please check the tutorial video for more clear understanding.