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XL Cinema is a mobile application (audio content delivery platform) that enables the user to listen to the alternate audio track of a movie in the language of choice privately through his headphones connected to the smartphone. This application also enables a visually impaired person to listen to Audio Description of a movie(content) privately using his smartphone synchronized to the video playing in theatre or at home. The application synchronizes the Audio description track or Alternate audio track with the help of listening to ambient audio in theatre or at home within a few seconds. The application recognizes the ambient audio and if the requested movie is playing in audible range then it synchronizes the additional track which is Audio Description in the case of visually impaired people and alternate language. After synchronization, the VI person or User has to plug in the earphone/headphone and then he could listen to Audio Description track or Translated track of the movie in Sync with the content playing in front of him. This application replaces Assistive listening devices and makes every smartphone loaded with it capable of performing like Assistive listening devices (ALD). It also replaces the need for subtitles in case you want to watch a foreign language movie.

You can listen to sound track of the movie playing in theater privately on your headphone/earphone connected to your mobile device sitting inside the movie hall in the language you prefer in real-time without any delay and in sync with the video playing on the screen!!!

The audio is perfectly synchronized with the video and is in real-time so there is no delay. Audio through XL Cinema includes music and sound effect with dialogues. You can control the volume and also pause in between. But when you resume, it will still be in sync with the video of the theatre. Any time if you feel, it’s out of sync, you may press the "Re-Sync" button.

How to use XL Cinema?

  • Download the application on your smartphone. Launch and choose the movie for which you want the audio ticket.
  • Select the theatre language, which is the language in which the movie is being played in the theatre.
  • Select your preferred language from the available dropdown list, the language of audio track in which you want to listen to the sound track of the movie.
  • Proceed further and you get your Audio ticket.
  • Once inside the movie hall, you click play and then "TAP to Play". In a few moments after synchronizing, the XL Cinema application will start playing the requested track over your smartphone and you can listen using your headphone/earphone.

For Audio description please enable AD Mode so that the application becomes more VI friendly and you only access content specially made for Visually impaired patrons.

Even if you have a late entry in the theatre. XL Cinema can still play the audio in sync with the video played on theatre screen. You just need to Tap and Play the sound track in your selected language!

Remember this will work with the Audio Ticket you have got and with the movies which are supported. The Audio Ticket is one-time usable code. Our aim is to bridge the language barrier and present the movies in as many languages as possible! Soon we would cover most of the major languages.

  • Do watch the tutorial for clear instructions!
  • Remember to TAP only once the movie has started and don’t tap in trailers and advertisements!
  • You may download library files and others at home if you wish to save data while playing live and also escape the effect of network fluctuation inside movie hall.

Do let us know how you feel after using the application and help us improve it for you. We strive to evolve and keep adding new features to it. So, do come back for updates!

For content owners, we run the system on our proprietary algorithm/method and your tracks are marked and secured by encryption and will deleted once used.

eXtra Large Cinema = XL Cinema.




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